Enflourish: the art of enabling others to flourish in their lives through flourishing in our own.

Seth Godin writes about how we don’t have to be jerks to become and to remain successful:

‘For every person who has a reputation as a bully, a deal breaker, an intimidator – someone who fights for every scrap – there are many people who succeeded by weaving together disparate communities, by keeping their word, by quietly creating value.’*

A diverse world will be a more imaginative and, therefore, hopeful world.

Alan Lightman includes this lovely insight into being human his fable about creation:

‘”Each of them tries so desperately to find meaning.  In a way, doesn’t matter what particular meaning each of them finds.  As long as each create finds something to give coherence and harmony to the jumble of existence.  Perhaps it might be as simple as a discovery of their own capacities, and a thriving in their discovery.  And even if they are mortal, they are part of things.  They are part of things larger than their universe, whether they know it or not.  Wouldn’t you agree?”‘**

All those who do agree today have the opportunity to encourage and help others to discover their capacities.

Not bad for the 25th June 2018.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: The jerk fallacy.)
(**From Alan Lightman’s Mr g.)

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