The prefatory theory

Prefatory: serving as an introduction, introductory.

What if we could know with a certainty that everything leading up to this moment in our lives has only been an introduction?

What will we do next?

This is the power of the “flip,”  To turn something over and see what it looks like from the other side.

Maria Popova, introduces me to Marie Howe’s wonderful poem Singularity, considering Stephen Hawking moved from his theory of the dying star reducing to a dense singularity and flipped this to a theory of how everything began:

‘But then Hawking did something radical – he took his final death-stage and flipped the arrow of time to consider what would happen if that singularity exploded outward and began expanding.  He theorised that is how the universe began.’*

Howe’s poem is beautiful and I will be returning to it in the near future but we are all capable of flipping.  Here are some questions to help you home in on how:

What is your curiosity?
What would you name your peculiar and exceptional talents as?
What do you imagine and hope for?
How have your experiences woven into a story?

These are important questions because everyone has an answer or a response to them.  These things, in some shape or form, are to be found in each one of us.

When Hawking turned a singularity of ending into a singularity of beginning, he provided us with a picture of how can’t can become what if?

‘Maybe every “can’t” is a gift in disguise, a twisted offering to reframe within the present moment to reframe to a mindset of “what if?”‘**

We have a choice.

‘more than ever, more of us have the freedom to care, the freedom to connect, the freedom to choose, the freedom to initiate, the freedom to do what matters’.^

(*From Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings: Singularity.)
(**From Kelvy Bird’s Generative Scribing.)
(^From Seth Godin’s What to Do When It’s Your Turn.)

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