Much ado about nothing?

A poet places himself where the future becomes present.*
(Lewis Hyde)

Could our lives be journeys in which we stumble on things of indescribable beauty?  Are we to be alert to even the most ordinary moments of our lives for the possibilities.**
(Alex McManus)

The evening journey through the Scottish-summer-countryside was wonderful.  Mist trailed through fir trees, removing sharp lines.  Green was everywhere, merging into blues and turquoises.

The air was heavily scented.   From flowers, yes, but the sweet fragrances also came from a wild diversity of warmly wet plants, piquant earth, with richly rotting notes.

All of this became the setting for an outdoor performance of Much Ado About Nothing.

The night was becoming increasingly beautiful and memorable but this required a few critical elements.

The day had to grew prematurely dark as the sunshine and blue skies were lost.

The warmth had to be washed away by heavy rain, watering-up the scentedness.

But this is life.  Our species is able to experience and find deep meaning and wonderment in the most unlikely places.

(*From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)
(**Alex McManus, source lost.)

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