In the depths

‘After all, perhaps the greatest of art lies in the perpetual tension between beauty and pain, the love of men and the madness of creation, unbearable solitude and the exhausting crowd, rejection and consent.’*
(Albert Camus)

Imagination and creativity may be at their best when addressing problems and difficulties.  Nancy Kline tells of how her father delivered a speech calling for the equality of African Americans.  He was seventeen, graduating from high school in 1920 in Tennessee:

“I just asked myself, ‘What is the most important challenge facing my generation?’  I knew immediately.

Then I asked myself, ‘And if I weren’t afraid, what would I say about it in the speech?'”**

K. M. Welland writes about how a good story needs conflict, progresses and has some unexpected element.  We are all capable of bringing the unexpected.

(*From Albert Camus’ Create Dangerously.)
(**From Nancy Kline’s More Time to Think.)

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