Get squinty with it

Morning is when I awake and there is a dawn in me.*
(Henry David Thoreau)

It’s all a question of learning to see.  Squint your eyes, squint your eyes.’**
(Paul Ingbretson)

How can we see the dawn in one another?

Why bother?

Because being right and someone else wrong only gets us so far; often the finding of something new will require that we also find one another:

“What happens because of what happens next?”^

To see in this way requires effort.  It requires that we do not give up because of how someone may first appear to us or how we struggle to understand what they say.

We have to squint slowly.

‘I love what I see.  Life excites me.’^^

(*From Henry David Thoreau’s Where I Live, and What I Lived For.)
(**Paul Ingbretson, quoted in Alan Lightman’s Dance for Two.)
(^From Alex McManus’ Makers of Fire.)
(^^From Richard Rohr’s The Naked Now.)

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