Story forwards

‘In our interior experience as individuals, as in the public forum of our shared experience as a culture, our courage lives in the same room as our fear — it is in troubled times, in despairing times, that we find out who we are and what we are capable of.’*
(Maria Popova)

Feel for the person not able to change: unable to move from judgement to openness, from cynicism to compassion, from fear to courage.

Yet, if Maria Popova’s imagery is true for fear and courage, then so it is for all of these and I feel hope.

(*From Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings: A Burst of Light.)

2 thoughts on “Story forwards

  1. Thank you for sharing the quote. I really like the part that read “our courage lives in the same room as our fear”. It’s perspective. Are you waking up to start the day with a smile or frown? You have both to choose from, both are present to you. Do you see the glass half full or half empty. If both fear and courage are in the same room, you have just as much potential on the other side. You just need to be on the courage side of the room. It’s incredible to see how two individuals in the same situation, can evaluate it and react completely differently.

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