Viva la différence

‘They look hard to identify the good amid the bad, and when they find it, they shine a light on it, they celebrate it, they encourage us to learn from it.’
(Youngme Moon)

“Progress is never permanent, will always be threatened, must be redoubled, restated and reimagined if it is to survive.’**
(Zadie Smith)

A beautiful crescent moon greeted me this morning.  A beautiful creamy yellow against the navy of the before-dawn sky.  It seemed to say to me, the light will not be overcome.

When someone notices the thing that makes them different to others, when they hone and develop this, they become more than different.  They become a difference:

“I think we need to be training people on how to change the world.”^

Between being different and making a difference there is work to be done.  Because we’re moving into new space and new activity we are not in control of this, we are incompetent again, and we don’t like to be seen as incompetent:

‘my simple definition of suffering: whenever you are not in control‘.^^

The place in the middle, between our present self and our future Self, is where we come to terms with our good, bad and ugly, making it all valuable to us, as Brené Brown helps us to see:

‘The irony is that we attempt to disown our difficult stories to appear ore whole or more acceptable, but our wholeness – even our wholeheartedness – actually depends on the integration of all our experiences, including the falls.’*^

It is where we find ourselves most alive, living our best.

You now have a whole week of exploration in front of you: seven days to do something different.

Notice something you see, hear, or know that those around you do not.  Name it, learn something more about it, play with it.

(*From Youngme Moon’s Different.)
(**Zadie Smith, quoted in Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings: Zadie Smith on Optimism and Despair.)
(^Larry Page, quoted in Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler’s Bold.)
(^^From Richard Rohr’s The Naked Now.)
(*^From Brené Brown’s Rising Strong.)

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