Dignity, always dignity*

‘You will never regret offering dignity to others.’**
(Seth Godin)

‘The word pontifex (pons, bridge, facere, to make) means bridge maker.  From here is the word Pontifex Maximus meaning both the Roman Emperor and the Pope of the Church of Rome. Pontiff then is the “bridge builder.”‘^
(Kosuke Koyama)

Seth Godin writes about how value is no longer created by filling a slot, but through connection, what comes about through the meeting of people bringing their different experiences, thinking and passions together.

Our willingness to see each other’s differences is to recognise their dignity.  The truest and most precious dignity we can ever provide is that which we give up close; there is always more to see, as Rene Magritte acknowledges here:

“Each thing we see hides something else we want to see.”^^

The wonderful thing is, connections leading to dignity make for new discoveries:

‘A new discovery often emerges by reflecting on the intersection of two themes, two disciplines, or two perspectives.’*^

When it coms to the future, two lives are better than one.

(*Dignity, always dignity, from Singin’ in the Rain.)
(**From Seth Godin’s blog: Justice and dignity: the endless shortage.)
(^From Kosuke Koyama’s Three Mile an Hour God.)
(^^Rene magritte, quoted in Erwin McManus’ Soul Cravings.)
(*^Bryan Coffman, from Drawn Together Through Visual Practice.)

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