Less hiding and more revealing

‘Yes, we frequently sell ourselves too short.  We don’t ask for compensation commensurate with the value we create. It’s a form of hiding. But the most common form of this hiding is not merely lowering the price. No, the mistake we make is in not telling stories that create more value, in not doing the hard work of building something unique and worth seeking out.’*
(Seth Godin)

“Each one of us is the custodian of an inner world that we carry around with us.  Now, other people can glimpse it from [its outer expressions].  But no one but you knows what your inner world is actually like, and no one can force you to reveal it until you actually tell them about it.  That’s the whole mystery of writing and language and expression — that when you do say it, what others hear and what you intend and know are often totally different kinds of things.”**
(John O’Donohue)

We can spend our whole of our life hiding: wasting time, staying put, picking second-best, avoiding the questions that can change everything.  I know, I’ve tried a lot of these and more.

We do this because we believe we have nothing others want, that we’ll jeopardise the way things are, others will think less of us, we’ll find ourselves alone, and many such and similar things.  It becomes difficult to tell our excuses from the reasons.  Yet the very things we say mean we cannot turn up and do the different thing are the very things we can use uniquely:

‘Constraints are the womb of creation.’^

This is our “inner world,” as John O’Donohue names it, and it is a world, big and crammed with astonishment, surprise and wonder.

Don’t hide your world – many will value seeing it.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: Getting paid what you deserve.)
(**John O’Donohue, quoted in Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings: A Gentle Corrective for the Epidemic of Politics Turning Us On Each Other and Ourselves.)
(^From Alex Mcmanus’ Makers of Fire – eBook version.)

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