The speed of light

“When a great moment knocks on the door of your life,
it is often no louder than the beating of your heart,
and it is very easy to miss it.”
(Boris Pasternak)

‘[T]he human heart may perceive future events before the brain does
at the very least it implies that the brain does not act alone in the perception of human events’.**
(Joseph Jaworski)

Shedding light uncovers many things that may otherwise be missed … and each of us is light.

Early in the day we connect with the things that make it possible for us to produce our light, making it possible to see what others may not, and, because light is not about hiding but disclosing – we benefit from the light of 0thers, as they benefit from ours.

Futurist Ramez Naam believes we’re going to see something very important happen in human thinking – which is what human light is about:

‘We stand poised on the brink of the largest ever explosion of human mental power, a second Renaissance more transformative, and more inclusive than the first.’^

Joseph Jaworski, above, reminds us that this will be further enhanced by recognising how our hearts and guts also display intelligence, allowing us to “see” more of what we might otherwise miss.

In their latest book The Power of Moments, Chip and Dan Heath write about how and why moments hold significance for us; these moments can be transitions, milestones, and also pits (the opposite of peaks).  Whilst we may want to avoid looking at these too closely, they can become some of the most valuable things we see:

‘What’s least commonsensical is that pits can be flipped into peaks.’^^

A company can turn a bad experience into a loyalty-building moment if it’s prepared to see it for what it is.  And we can make a difference, even be defined by, the very things that causes us most difficulty and, even, pain.

Our light, or ability to see, is greater with the light others provide for us – as well as connecting to our own light as early as possible in the day, when we include others – their books, podcast, articles, videos.  More available than ever, the light of others may well be one of the most powerful forces in making Naam’s dream a reality, though it will never be by brainpower alone.  Our light shines even more brightly when mind and heart and gut combine:

‘Careless thinking and impurity of heart can make a dreadfully destructive combination.  The brain must be guided by the heart.  The heart must be enlightened by the brain.’*^

(*Boris Pasternak, quoted in the Northumbria Community‘s Morning Prayer.)
(**From Joseph Jaworski’s Source.)
(^From Ramez Naam’s The Infinite Resource.)
(^^From Chip and Dan Heath’s The Power of Moments.)
(*^From Kosuke Koyama’s Three Mile an Hour God.)

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