The greater silence

“True wisdom consists in respecting the simple things we fo, for they can take us where we need to go.”*

“Drink in the silence. Seek solitude.

Listen to the silence.

It will teach you. It will build strength
Let others share it with you.
It is little to be found elsewhere.

Silence will speak more to you in a day than the world of voices can teach you in a lifetime.
Find silence. Find solitude – and having discovered her riches, bind her to your heart.”**
(Frances Roberts)

In the silence we are completely free to be no more and no less than who we are – which is a work in progress.

More than this, when we enter the silence alone we carry our silence and the integrity of solitude within.  Then, when we are surrounded by the noise and the crowd, we can be our most true self.

This can be our daily play, this game of silence and solitude.  Kosuke Koyama speaks of nirvana as the “cooled life,” the way of tranquility, which sounds as though it could be the life silence and solitude afford:

‘The affirmed life is new life.
The new life is overwhelmed life.
Overwhelmed life lives with danger and promise.’^

Here we find the person in progress each of us most strongly is.

(*Paule Coelho’s character Yad in Aleph.)
(**Frances Roberts, quoted in the Northumbria Community‘s Morning Prayer.)
(^From Kosuke Koyama’s Three Mile an Hour God.)

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