The studio

‘A studio isn’t a factory.  It’s when peers come together to do creative work, to amplify each other and to make change happen.  That can happen in any organisation, but it takes commitment.’*
(Seth Godin)

‘[Good’s] existence is the unmistakable sign that we are spiritual creatures, attracted to excellence and made for the Good.’**
(Iris Murdoch)

In a world of change we’re often out of alignment, though we do not notice.

Realignment requires openness of mind, heart and will.  It’s tricky because our realignment isn’t to some constant but to an unfolding something that doesn’t yet fully exist.  I see Seth Godin’s studio (and Brian Eno’s scenius) as expressions of a group of people seeking to help one another realign.  It’s a positive response to what we lose to an unquestioning approach to technology, here articulated by Sherry TURKLE.

‘What I call realtrechnik suggests that we step back and reassess when we hear triumphalist or apocalyptic narratives about how to live with technology.  Realtechnik is sceptical about linear progress.  It encourages humility, a state of mind in which we are most open to facing problems and reconsidering decisions.’^

Turkle reports how some research among fourteen thousand students reported a ‘dramatic decline in interest in other people:^

‘It is from other people that we learn to bend to each other in conversation.


Humans need to be surrounded by human touch, faces, and voices.  Humans need to be brought up by humans.’^

Not only humans, though, we also need contact with the natural world – Joseph Campbell reminding us here that we can have a deep respect for all things:

‘You can address anything as a “thou” – the trees, the stones, everything.  You can address anything as a “thou,” and if you do it, you can feel the change in your own psychology.  The ego that sees a “thou” is not the same ego that sees and “it.”‘^^

This would elsewhere be described as a journey from ego to eco.*^

Studios exploring critical thinking, feeling and doing can be places for realignment.  Instead of being seduced by technologies we come to see how they can serve the deepest human and planetary needs.

We don’t have to believe in God to appreciate what Brian McLaren is trying to say here about the incredible world are part of:

‘God’s first language is full-spectrum light, clear water, deep sky, red squirrel, blue whale, grey parrot, green lizard, golden aspen, orange mango, yellow warbler, laughing child, rolling river, siren forest, churning storm, spinning planet.’^*

Tonight sees the final programme in the Blue Planet 2 series.  Amazing exploration narrated by David Attenborough who stand as a planetary prophet for us.

We may learn again to be the laughing child.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog: Rules for working in a studio.)
(**From Iris Murdoch’s The Sovereignty of Good.)
(^From Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together.)
(^^Joseph Campbell from Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyer’s The Power of Myth.)
(*^See Otto Scharmer’s Theory U and Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth.)
(^*From Brian McLaren’s We Make the Road by Walking.)


Each image can be completed to a high resolution and your colour choice.  Prices will vary depending on the size of canvas required but will always be great value



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