Black Saturday

‘Anyone can work more.  Not everyone can care more.’* (Hugh Macleod)

‘In a gift society, the increase follows the gift and is itself given away, while in a market society, the increase returns to its owner.’**  (Lewis Hyde)

Black Friday is just more of the same.  And it’s not the benefit of the customer.

You probably have better ideas.  If you make a habit of leaving the usual and familiar behind and find others – happening in all kinds of ways (Good For Nothing,, U.Lab, Maker’s Labs … .)

‘The flânuese does exist, whenever we have deviated from the paths laid out for us, lighting out for our own territories.’^

(*From gapingvoid’s blog The Magic Isn’t in the Hours.)

(**From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift)

(^From Laura Elkin’s Flâneuse.)

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