Prehension signals alertness, engagement, and risk-taking all in the act of looking ahead; it is in spirit the very opposite of the prudent accountant who does not exert a mental muscle until he or she has all the numbers.’* (Richard Sennett)

‘The sun goes up; the sun goes down.  I can handle that.’** (Austin Kleon)

This morning, I looked upon the most beautiful of skies, the luminescent salmon clouds reaching quietly across the cool blue sky, and I understood the day to be a gift.

Prehension is seen in the cupping of the hand in anticipation of taking up the glass before contact is made.  All together, it involves anticipation, the following contact, the cognition of what has been taken hold of, reflection upon this, and values, in that we take this experience into ourselves.

Prehension is the way we hold a day before it has unfolded.  It is the touch we have both developed and allowed ourselves to be shaped by.

(*From Richard Sennett’s The Craftsman.)
(**From Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work.)


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