The technology dilemma and the future of together

‘Stop worrying about technology.  Start worrying about people.’*

In a conversation yesterday, a friend was telling me how they’d recently realised the word “companion” is someone with whom we share bread.

Before a company became a business it was a group of people who would sit down and break bread and share a meal together.

There’s a gap being created as technology accelerates at an incredible speed whilst meaningful connecting with one another is diminishing.

We’re mesmerised by our ability to build more faster:

‘”Progress” is some kind of ordained imperative of our species, an abstract conception of evolution, and inevitable development like the increase in entropy, the future.’**

We build it because we can, though these words from Alan Lightman has the theoretical physicist and fabulist confessing that he’s lost something of his inner self.  There’s something similar to be said about the sense of who we are together, and there’s a need for the gap that’s growing ever larger to be filled with people coming together in all manner of way where they are able to think and talk and share about all the stuff they’re up to, enabling a sense of where the common good lies in and through it all, as well as the good for the other species with whom we get to share this planet.

There’s no one way of doing this.  Just lots of ways that you are able to come up with.


(*From gapingvoid’s blog Give the people what they want.)
(**From Alan Lightman’s A Sense of the Mysterious.)


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