Into the small things

‘By practice, we mean doable habits or rhythms that transform us, revising our brains, restoring our inner ecology, renovating our inner architecture, expanding our capacity.  We mean actions, within our power that help us become capable of things beyond our power.’*

Those people around you who seem to have superpowers have probably discovered something that is available to all of us.

It’s likely they know that the thing getting them up every morning needs to be poured into all the small things the day contains – with “consistent emotional labour,” as Seth Godin describes it.**

There ‘s something that matters to each of us and defines our lives.  It connects us to ourselves but we will know it because of how it connects us to everything else: our god, our worldview, other people, our planet.

I’m inclined to believe that when you live the contribution you want to make in the world into the small things of the day something even more powerful will happen (which isn’t the same as big).

(*From Eugene Peterson’s Naked Spirituality.)


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