It happens on the way

‘Each of us has the capacity for love, wonder, and reverence.’*


Seth Godin writes about those who produce confusion in order to deny what our growing knowledge is showing us:

‘The data is more accurate than it’s ever been. Evolution is the best way to explain and predict the origin and change of species. Vaccines are not the cause of autism and save millions of kids’ (and parents’) lives. And the world is, in fact, getting dangerously warmer.

And yet…

Poll after poll in many parts of the world show that people are equivocating or outright denying all three. Unlike the increasingly asymptotic consistency in scientific explanations, the deniers have an endless list of reasons for their confusion, many of which contradict each other. Confusion doesn’t need to be right to be confusing.’**

We can experience this at the level of our personal stories.  Sometimes it’s because of what society or those around us tell us and sometimes it’s because of what we tell ourselves: Someone like you will never be able to pursue that, will never be able to do that pipe dream into reality.  Living our lives in an informed way, towards clarity changes things.

Confusers benefit the most when others are kept in the dark but in the end, everyone loses:

‘Ask a confusor that the next time he offers a short term smoke screen. If this is a race to be the most uninformed, and the most passive, what if we win?’**

All you have to do is set out on a journey to know more about yourself and others.  It feels confusing at first.  It’s a little like flying into clouds but keep on upwards and things become amazingly and wonderfully clear.

Donald Miller writes of those who are awakening to the truth that they have more to offer to others than they know when he writes:

‘They don’t know they can still live and love and connect.  They don’t know who they really are and what they’re capable of.’^

Things happen on the way.

(*From Joseph Jaworski’s Source.)
(**From Seth Godin’s blog Selling confusion.)
(^From Donald Miller’s Scary Close.)


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