the status quo and change

The status quo doesn’t fear a lot of what we often think of change.  It can use most things to its own ends and advantage.

What it fears are changed people, people who we might describe as moving from ego to the eco.

In his latest blog, Seth Godin writes about something he names “with-ness”:

‘It’s tempting to be oppositional. To see the different as the other.  To dominate, to win, to move up as others move down (because in the zero sum game that we’ve built around us, that’s the only way).’*

But he’s witnessing a different world grow:

‘But a networked world, one based on connection—one held together by the sheerest gossamer—can’t tolerate the tension and pain that bullying and dominance require.

An alternative is with-ness.

The practice of talking so we can be heard, and listening so we can understand.’*

In another place, Godin identifies some of the practices of those who are making this journey:

‘When you lead without compensation, when you sacrifice without guarantees, when you take risks because you believe, then you are demonstrating your faith in the tribe and its mission.’^

Our mission is for everyone to thrive, not just the few.

(*From Seth Godin’s blog Toward cooperation.)
(^From Seth Godin’s Tribes.)


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