life by airbrush

“The least strained and most natural ways of the soul are the most beautiful, the best occupations are the least forced.”*

‘New social movements do not come from this in the centres of power. […] Look to the periphery, to people and places where commitment to the status quo is low, toward where hearts are most open to the new.’**

Seth Godin’s blog on airbrushing got me thinking about why we might “airbrush” our lives, presenting an images of ourselves, our lives, our families, our jobs, that feel to be more presentable to others, where we don not feel ourselves to be misfits, feeling embarrassment, or worse:

‘Spend enough time looking through the glass on your tablet and you’ll come to believe that you’re the only one with a less-than-perfect situation. With the right filter, the grass really is greener…”^

What we lose, according to Michel de Montaigne and Peter Senge, whose words lead us into today’s post, is the natural beauty and the beautiful-new which come from the uncontrived and less acceptable edges.

When our ways of speaking and acting change because we’re in the company of someone we’re playing up to or down to then we’re acting out of our ego – airbrushing has been around a long time, we just called it something else.

When we’re able to meet the world and those in it just as we are, with our unique perspectives we not only produce more but we change for the better the world that is increasingly in need of living without the airbrush.

(*Michel de Montaigne, quoted by Gretchen Rubin in The Happiness Project.)
(**From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.)
(^From Seth Godin’s blog Airbrushing.)


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