when spaces are living questions

‘[W]hat do you want to say? Why does it need to be said?  What if you cold say it in a way that has never before been done?  How might you do that?'”

Warren Berger offers some great “start from” questions for identifying what it is we feel we must do in our lives.

People are amazing.  We are not programmed but incredibly plastic, able to interact with our environments imaginatively and in ways that become deeply satisfying to us, not only receiving but contributing too.

It all means today can be very different to yesterday.  It means the hope we once had to do something meaningful has not gone forever.

I’m not saying that yesterday found us floundering when it came to identifying our thing but today we know exactly what it is.  Bat what  if there were spaces for exploring just what we are capable of and to be helped towards living this?  Our tribe of possibility?

(*From Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question.)


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