“There’s a guy in this coffee shop, sitting at a table, not on his phone, not on a laptop, just drinking, like a psychopath.”*

Before the internet there was the universe.  Maybe being open and present to the amazing place the universe has always been looks really weird.

There’s a great deal of mystery in the universe and we’re perhaps the most mysterious part of all, adding imbalances to the universe’s unfolding:

‘Gifts are the essence of art.  Art isn’t made as part of an even exchange, it is your chance to create imbalance, which leads to connection.’^

Imbalance produces the new, the unimagined and unheard of.  Of course, much of this can be bad or indifferent.  But some of it is really good and some is really, really good.

Balance is more likely to get caught up in repeats – what used to be remarkable but is no longer.

Our greater understanding is that we’re living in a universe of requirement – as in the room that appears in Harry Potter’s Hogwarts when required … but bigger.  We get to explore the stuff that fascinates us and do something remarkable.

The dynamic is that seeing more can lead to feeling more and feeling more can lead to doing more, producing the greatest imbalances of all: love, goodness and beauty.

Just something for us to think about when we get up tomorrow.

(*Jason Gay’s 2015 tweet that went viral, quoted by Bernadette Jiwa in Hunch.)
(**From Seth Godin’s V is for Vulnerable.)


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