while I have breath

While I have breath I will keep seeking, knocking, asking.

At some point in our lives, whatever we fill our lives with and whatever we place value in, there wheedling itself in will be this question: What is the legacy I seek to leave?

The question may not exactly look like this, but it will be there, at some point in our lives.

While I have breath, I wish to live with creativity, generosity, and enjoyment.

This is my response to the question: What does it mean to you to be human?

While I have breath … game on.

One thing for sure is, when I have ceased to breathe, there can be no answer.   Now is the time to be dreaming wide-awake.

Towards this – whatever this may be for each of us- Bernadette Jiwa offer six steps: focus, notice, questoin, discern, predict, try and test.*

These feel as if they relate to the U journey Otto Scharmer and the Presencing Institute outline: Focus and Notice are about opening our minds; Question and Discern, opening our hearts; and, Predict, and Try and test are about opening our wills.

A year ago, I had a highly embarrassing farewell from the organisation I’d been part of for over thirty five years.  Unable to recognise the work that I had been part of (Jiwa’s first two steps) meant that they couldn’t describe what matters most to me (the second two steps), or seen all the things I’d been developing (the last two steps).

I’ve simply recognised that while I have breath, I must keep moving on with the things that matter most to me because there’s only a certain amount of breathing I have left to me.

One thing leads to another leads to another.  This is story.

As Jorge Luis Borges pointed out:

‘all prose is fiction’.**

It may be story, but the best stories are those we can invite others into.

(*From Bernadette Jiwa’s Hunch.)
(**Jorge Luis Borges, quoted in Ursula Le Guin’s Words Are My Matter.)

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