know your place

‘There is no right answer.  But there are plenty of wrong ones.  In arithmetic, there’s a right answer.  And everything else is wrong.’*

‘Call them forward to learn, improve, and grow, rather than to just get something sorted out.’**

Life is about stories.   We use maths in the stories we tell ourselves and others, depend on it at times, take it for granted most of the time, but stories rule.  But when we tell others that our story is the right story or the only way to live then we are confusing things and hurt follows.

Remembering life is more about questions than answers then we’re more likely to avoid the danger of trying to make others conform to the way we’ve decided to see the world.

In this context, answers are more about the past but questions are more about the future.

The best stories we can live are ones that question and explore because we just don’t know what we can ultimately be.  Towards this, they’re marked by humility, gratefulness, and faithfulness.

(From Seth Godin’s blog: There is no right answer.)
(**From Michael Bungay Stanier’s The Coaching Habit.)

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