mercy and the future

‘Heroes Wanted for an epic quest to hack the universe.  Starting with earth.  Safe return doubtful.’*

Alex McManus wonders about what kind of human will migrate through our solar system and beyond:

Seth Godin also writes about our risky mission: producing our art being where we take most of our risks and are shaping the future:

‘Art is a leap into the void, a chance to give birth to your genius and to make magic where there was no magic before.’**

Then I read this from Anne Lamott:

‘[Mercy] gives us the chance to rediscover something both old and original, the sweet child in us who, all evidence to the contrary, was not killed off, but just put in a drawer.’**

Mercy is not so much something we offer to others (and ourselves) in particular moments when they or we have messed up but more about the kind of atmosphere and environment we create and move through all of the time. A kind of “terra-forming” we’re all capable of.  And even if we’ve forgotten how, mercy offers us another chance.  That’s the great thing about mercy and the future.

(*From Alex McManus’ Makers of Fire.)
(**From Anne Lamott’s Hallelujah Anyway.)

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