new containers

‘The creation of new life often requires a specialised “container” because established systems are basically hostile to the “other,” “the outsider,” “the alien.”*

‘Moral concepts do not move about within a hard world set up by science and logic.  They set up, for different purposes, a different world.’**

The most destructive forces can be those calling us back to a past idyll that never existed.

The most positive forces call us to a future we cannot see alone but only together, what can be and who we can become.

The best of our stories and myths and religions know this.

Do we make terrible mistakes?  Absolutely.  Do we stumble around lost?  More than we care to admit to our embarrassment.  There is, though, in almost everyone, this deep-down sense that there’s a better future being moved towards.

Perhaps the only helpful distinction for us to note is that there are people becoming more open to the flow of life and those becoming more closed.  With the caveat that we’re free to change direction whenever we choose.

(*From Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski, Otto Scharmer, and Betty Sue Flowers’ Presence.)
(**From Iris Murdoch’s The Sovereignty of Good.)


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