one, two …

First of all, there were Ones.

Some found being One a disappointing place to be, less than they hoped for, and began imagining what it would be to reinvent themselves as a Two.

Twos are better, more successful … and then some – they spread the word, if we can make it work, anyone can so gain the edge over others, keep telling yourself, work hard.

Others didn’t believe Ones like them could ever become Twos, and began sorting themselves out as One.ones or One.twos.

Only when the Ones and Twos began hearing the whispers did they understand they were really meant to be Threes all along.

In his fable of creation, Alan Lightman has his crating character of Nephew, contemplating the new life spawned by the Big Bang:

‘These mere conglomerations of atoms and molecules discovered my laws.


I realised that these brains were participating in the beauty of the cosmos, as Uncle Deva had described.


They were aware of themselves, yes.  They were thinking, yes.  But they were more than thinking.  They were feeling  They were feeling the connection of themselves to the galaxies and stars.  They were grasping the beauty and depth of their existence and then expressing that experience in musical harmonies and rhythms.  And in painting.  In metaphors, and words.  In dance.  In symbiotic transference.  They imagined the cosmos beyond their own bodies.  They imagined.  But they could not imagine where all of it started.  For all their intelligence, there were limits to their imagination.  They could not know of things that were not of their essence.  They could not know of the Void.  But the mystery of such things they did seem to feel, and it tingled in them and opened them up.’*

(*From Alan Lightman’s Mr g.)


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