steadfast is changing

Firm, determined, resolute, steady, staunch, stalwart, stout, relentless, implacable, single-minded, unchanging, unwavering, unhesitating, unfaltering, unswerving, unyielding, unflinching, inflexible, uncompromising.

What in you is steadfast, continuing, headed in the same direction, the one good thing you have chosen?

We live in a world of change.  We always have but the speed of changing is growing ever faster:

‘Whatever the reasons change comes when it does, there seem to be at least three Events that ignite change: contact with Outsiders, significant events, and Epiphanies.’*

It’s hard to imagine a world in which these three Events are going to reduce in number.  We have as a species and as people continually changed – human becomings rather than human beings:

‘Each of us is becoming, becoming something better or something worse.  And we become what we teach or what we learn.’**

Against this, steadfast has never meant unchanging. It’s always been about knowing what we must do and living in its direction so that all change increases and grows our steadfastness.  It’s just more necessary than ever to be reflective people, interacting with our growing and developing selves as well as the outside Events.

‘The starting place for change is accepting oneself and taking an interest in one’s inner world.’^

(*From Alex McManus’ Makers of Fire.)
(**From Seth Godin’s blog Groucho runs deep.)
(^From Edward Deci’s Why We Do What We Do.)


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