In his novel about creation physicist and writer Alan Lightman names this universe of ours Aalam-104729 – one of an incalculable number of universes formed in the Void:

‘No matter what one was doing in the Void, no matter where one was in the Void, once could feel the crowd of new developments in Aalam-104729.  One could feel the rushing headlong into the future, even thought that future was faint and fraught with uncertainties.’*

This is our home.

Before reality there is probability and before probability there is possibility – with no certainty of success.**

This can be a long journey so what makes us go after it?

Obedience may take us some of the way but love helps us complete:

‘I work very hard for something I love to make sure I don’t have to work very hard doing something I hate.’^

To do what we love and love what we do but which comes first?

This is a mysterious thing.  The important element is to notice what we love, what we feel the rushing headlong into the future within.

In his wonderful book of words and pictures It’s Your Turn, Seth Godin points us what we must then do:

‘To be an artist is to be on the hook, total your turn, to do the things that might not work, to see connection, to embrace generosity first, to take responsibility, to change someone, to be human.’^^

Before there is certainty there is only uncertainty.

I came across Alan Lightman when I read his excellent Einstein’s Dreams in which he tells short stories about time.  This treasure of a boo interweaves time stories with Albert Einstein

finalising his Theory of Relativity.

In a world where people live forever the population is made up of Laters and Nows:

‘The Laters sit in cafés sipping coffee and discussing the possibilities of life.  The Nows note that with infinite lives, they can do all they can imagine.’*^

Ever wonder what your imagination is trying to tell you?

Passion is about being a Now, not a Later:

‘I walked away remembering that passion was a rare commodity.’^*

It needn’t be, it’s only a willingness to notice more away.

We begin with possibility and love carries us forward.

And before possibility there is opportunity.

Welcome to today.

(*From Alan Lightman’s Mr g.)
(**See Seth Godin’s short blog Possibility.)
(^From gapingvoid’s blog Making the Best of it.)
(^^From Seth Godin’s What To Do When It’s Your Turn.)
(*^From Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams.)


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