To look a second time.

Moses gave a second look to a bush that appeared to be burning but wasn’t and his epic story began.

Seth Godin gives a second look to a banana tree – the Cavendish – from which half the bananas in the world come.  If bananas are a part of our diet, it’s likely we’ve eaten one, but, as Godin points out, monocultures can be wiped out.  His point is:

‘variation brings resilience and innovation and the chance to make a difference.’*

Respect is about taking a second, deeper look.  In this case, not at bananas but at people.

‘We know things in their depth only by this second gaze of love.’**

When we take a deeper look both at those around us and ourselves, we open up more possibilities, more ideas, more  talents and more innovations.

We make ourselves weaker when we do not respect who others are and what they bring.

Entrepreneur and author Jacqueline Novocratz encourages us:

‘It’s important to think about that time and place and activity where you shine, where you feel most alive.’^

Yesterday, walking from one work venue to another, I passed the most beautiful single yellow flowered rose trees.  I had to stop and turn back.  I didn’t take a picture, I just gazed.  Wonderful.  Later in the day I would find myself in two conversations with individuals and found myself gazing once again, this time on incredible lives.

‘Wonder is a beautiful style of perception; when you wonder at something your mind voyages deep into its possibility and nature.  You  linger among its presences.’^^

(*From Seth Godin’s blog The Thing About Bananas.)
(**From Richard Rohr and Mike Morrell’s The Divine Dance.)
(^Jacqueline Novocratz, quoted in Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question.)
(^^From John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes.)


2 thoughts on “re-spect

  1. The work you do – your craft – is so meaningful. About perfect.
    Stay at the helm of that boat heading out into new, undiscovered horizons & live forever, doing what you do.
    (PS In lighter vein – How long did that amazing doodle take to make ?)

  2. Thank you, Helen. It’s exploring ideas only, here and in the work I do. This ship I will keep on sailing.

    The doodle took a slow two hours.

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