beyond the beyond the beyond

‘Drink in the silence.  Seek solitude.  Listen to the silence.”*

There is a time for activity and there is a time for silence.

In 1953, mathematician and writer Lillian Leiber published a book with the wonderfully evocative title: Infinity: Beyond the Beyond the Beyond.  Leiber intended her writing be for everyone to enter into the wonder of science.  Maria Popova considers her style poetic, offering this description for Leiber’s writing:

‘it does what poetry does, which is slow down a spinning world and dilate the pupil of attention so that the infinite becomes comprehensible’**

This too feels like poetry, slowing down our thoughts so we may be gaze upon the thin silences or whispers we may miss.  Otherwise, how will we get to beyond the beyond the beyond?

I can’t help but think of Leiber’s title in terms of a people’s lives: what people don’t know about themselves because it doesn’t lie on the surface, nor beneath it.  Hugh Macleod voices just how when he writes:

‘Finding the people who need help is the first step to really helping.  It’s easy to give a hand to someone who’s almost there … But what about the rest?  What about the ones … who can’t even put words to their dreams?’^

Oh my!

In the silence, the whispers from beyond the beyond the beyond begin to emerge.

(*Frances Roberts, quoted in the Northumbria Community‘s Morning Prayer.)
(**From Maria Popova’s BrainPickings.)
(^From Hugh Macleod’s gapingvoid.)


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