clothing the future

‘I’d want to tell her that sometimes we have to mourn the future, that many young couples have more future than present.’*

An endless, open future may not be the best thing to have.  It may lead to not getting serious about now.

As I get older my relationship with the future is changing.  There’s not nearly so much of it these days and I must use what there is carefully, not allowing my personal to be formless or fantasy, or to be shaped by others for me.

Yesterday, I began to contemplate Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s five skins.  The first is epidermis and, for me, highlighted the need to be comfortable in our own skin.  The second skin is clothing – Hundertwasser rejected the consumer society that hands people their clothing, calling on people instead to express their creativity in what they wear by their own hands.

I don’t think I’d trust the kind of clothes I might make for myself t remain stitched but there is something about integrity  here.  How who we appear on the outside, to others, in all our interactions is truly connected with who we are on the inside.

The future then looks different, neither formless or shaped by others but shaped by the learnt skills of anticipation (open to possibilities), reflection Taking time to ponder the possibilities), imagination (the first creation of what might be), synchronisation (aligning our lives to this), design (planning), and creation (living it).

(*From Stephen Grosz’s The Examined Life.)


3 thoughts on “clothing the future

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