more than a bedtime story

‘Once you find the things that you enjoy for you, you won’t need to fill the space with words.’*

‘If we look at what we do best as well as what we want to change the most, we will often find that the two are varying degrees of the same core behaviour.’**

Every day life offers another opportunity for exploration.

If we grab enough of these, pursuing our curiosities and interests, we’ll be able to hold at bay much of the aging process which sees witnesses many growing up without inquisitiveness.  We get to live our questions and the best are “subversive, disruptive and playful.”^

This way of life has a way of bending many things so that they come together: time alters, people come together, needs make themselves known, talents get developed, journeys are made, curiosity grows, and questions lead into quests.

Some are throwing their lot in with technology for providing a richer life – made possible by the ubiquitous smartphone.

‘The twentieth century was the bankruptcy of the social utopia;the twenty-first will be that of the technological one.’^^

We will need many imaginative and innovative ways of expanding the analogue alongside the digital, such as emotional intelligence alongside digital connectivity. walking and wandering to slow things down in an ever faster world, pens and pencils and paper instead of the latest app.  And every day to remind ourselves of the story we’re forming for our lives – taking a few moments to “read” at the beginning of each day but long enough to remind us to grab the opportunity staring at us in a new day dawning.*^

(*From Hugh Macleod’s gapingvoid.)
(**From Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly.)
(^Polly LeBarre, quoted in Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question.)
(^^From Nassim Taleb’s The Bed of Procrustes.)
(*^I was thinking of the bedtime stories children have read to them before bedtime, and read again and again because they love the stories so.  Check out Quentin Blake’s Mr Magnolia as an example.  But ours will be for the morning.)


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