entering the silence

Once again, I woke up early.   Some time before 5am, I guess, but I wasn’t going to look at my watch.  I decided to use the time to listen to the silence as I explore more how silence is possibly brimming with all sorts of things.

I contemplated the senses. Touch, smell, and hearing – I couldn’t see anything and wasn’t aware of any taste.  Nevertheless, I found the silence contained information about how I was lying, and ideas, thoughts and memories that were going through my head, and pictures too.

The silence is always with us.  It’s at the edge of our being – we’re simply unaware of it most of the time.  Silence offers another way of inquiring and understanding what is still to be explored, especially what we don’t know yet, what we’ve forgotten, and what we have not looked too deeply into.  Here is where we hone our creativity.

(Wandering, then, becomes another way of exploring the silence: the breathing becoming present, opening the senses, and following an idea are ways to open the mind and heart towards opening the will.)

‘The world is changing, and creativity is our only hope.  There is nothing else.’*

I realised I’d had another, different, experience of entering the silence yesterday in a meeting with two others.  When I say silence, I don’t mean there can be no noise, no talking – sometimes there is.  Silence is more about openness than the absence or presence of noise.  There was such an openness, a willingness on all our parts to explore.  When I emerged it was with an idea I’ve got to pursue further today – I’ve no fear of silence as being a waste of time.  It often leads to some creativity, then action.

As I say, silence is about uncertainty.  We may think we need certainty  but we need both: life is found between the two.  What we find in the silence is the kind of story that makes it possible for us to live life strongly.  By strongly, I mean a story that benefits ourselves and benefits others.

‘A good novel gets under our skin, provokes us and haunts us long after the first reading, because we never fully understand the characters.  We sweep through the narrative again and again, searching for meaning.  Good characters must retain a certain mystery and unfathomable depth, even for the author.  Once we see to the bottom of their hearts, the novel is dead to us.’**

We are this story we can never plumb the depths of, and the silence of this is what we’re exploring.  These stories lie within other stories, about people and the world, about a galaxy and universe and the void beyond – silence full of mystery and possibilities.

‘wouldn’t it be amazing if we could somehow encourage acts of greatness?  Not order them, but create an environment where people feel they can embrace the superhero within and achieve great things’^

(*From Hugh Macleod’s gapingvoid.)
(**From Alan Lightman’s A Sense of the Mysterious.)
(^David Marquet, in 99U’s Make Your Mark.)


2 thoughts on “entering the silence

  1. I love the picture – just pure joy in that jump into a bountiful world of possibility. Says it all somehow.
    How could we ever forget that feeling ?
    So good to be reminded !

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