A reputation is simply what we’re known for.

‘people know more about each other than ever before’*

But is it the whole truth?

Only the truth can set us free, which I interpret to mean, only when we’re living within the real story of who we are rather than some overblown yarn (check out The Apprentice, or the selective and staged newsfeed on Facebook) or some understated tale of no ambition (“I have nothing you require”).

An important question, then: “How hard am I prepared to work to become the person I want my reputation to reflect?”

And, pleas, add in all the inherent vulnerabilities being a true, real person includes.

After we’ve decided, all that is left is the “dark middle,” a journey of no turning back.

An untrue journey is marked by ‘downloading, denying, de-sensing, absencing,’ and, in extreme cases, ‘deluding, destroying, and (eventually) self destroying.’**

Our reputation is the hard work of our own hands.

(*From Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler’s Bold.)
(**From Otto Scharmer’s Leading From the Emerging Future.)


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