blessed are those who look for they will see more

‘The very nature of the universe invites you to a journey and to discover it.’*

‘I closed my eyes and tried to remember the way everything had looked as I walked home.  As soon as the image started to form in my head, I began to draw.’**

Our lives and their purpose emerge from what we see.

All see differently and this is because of the universe of possibilities we live in.  Everyone is capable of bringing some different perspective to enrich others, contribute to the world that is our home, and grow ourselves.

The difficult thing is to keep seeing, to be open to see more and more – to always hold an attitude that we have not seen enough of the infinite-more there is to see.  Those who hold this sense of life always see more, and then more still.  It is not about being privileged or celebrity-special in some way but is simply about being prepared to keep looking.

The universe opens to those who seek.

(*From John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes.)
(**From Alette Willis’s How to Make a Golem.)

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