enter into my joy


I’ve previously shared about when my friend Alex asked me what it meant to me to be Human.  How I went away to think on this some more. How it took me a couple of weeks to respond. Then – ta-dah:

To be human is to live with creativity, generosity, enjoyment.

What is your response? There are as many great responses as there are people.  Enjoy the question.

‘Joy is the product of abundance; it is the overflow of vitality.  It is life working together harmoniously.  It is exuberance. … We cannot make ourselves joyful.  Joy cannot be commanded, purchased, or arranged.’*

Such joy is not without difficulty, sacrifice, and pain; indeed, it can be more exquisite and nuanced when more has been overcome.

Joy can be the treasure at the end of an adventure.  Celebration is what takes place when something we’ve done ends well, it becomes a “party” we can invite others into.

Journey into your creativity, experiment with generosity, and bring your joy to others.

(*From Eugene Peterson’s A Long Obedience in the Same Direction.)

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