every day


Being more aware of a day means I don’t have too long to wait before trying again – when I have failed or to build on what I managed to get right.  Every day offers failure and kindness, success and possibility.

‘Meaning is everywhere.’*

‘When we watch a film, what is in the frame is only a selective view of a wider fictional world … the act of framing an action presents the film-maker with a whole range of choices, including what is revealed and what is withheld from the audience.’**

You are not the audience of your life, you are the film-maker.  There will be many things that are important and matter to you, that you are curious and interested in but they become distractions, running the risk you won’t focus on anything.  So you must be selective, guided by your curiosity and passions, your talents, and your life-experiences:

“What we need instead is “engrossment,” which mobilises one’s entire attention and resources and physical energy toward only one stimulus, which is the present-moment activity.”^

Then you are able to fail forward and open up new possibilities.

We are most human is vulnerability and possibility, and we cannot have one without the other.

‘The challenge is to accept that vulnerability is not a weakness but the “absolute heartbeat of innovation and creativity.”‘^^

Every day.

(*From a University of Edinburgh student.)
(**From Charlotte Bosseaux’s Dubbing: Film and Performance.)
(^Charalampos Mainemelis, quoted in Maggie Berg and Barbara Seeber’s The Slow Professor.)
(^^From Linda Rottenberg’s Crazy is a Compliment.)


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