a place to prosper


‘The way we pay attention – the place from which we operate – is the blind spot in all levels of society.’*

Our place of prospering involves being more aware of ourselves and not so focused on others.  Hillary Rettig warns us about  perfectionist comparison:

“[We will] always come out on the losing end of any comparison – because the point of perfectionist comparison is not to yield useful insight, but to serve as another useful club to bash yourself over the head with to try to coerce yourself into more productivity.’**

We need to be able to value what we can do.  The more important question is: What am I doing when I find myself prospering?  Including who am I working with or for, why am I doing this, and when – as in, am I beginning something, developing, or completing something,?

Where you are now – who you are, your talents, your dreams, and your life-experiences all define your unique place to prosper.

I’m just excited about what you will do when you find this.

(*From Otto Scharmer’s Theory U.)
(**Hillary Rettig, quoted in Maggie Berg and Barbara Seeber’s The Slow Professor.)

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