wave-particle people


‘[A]ll matter has a “wave-particle duality,” sometimes acting as a particle and sometimes acting as a wave.’*

Most of what we know about the universe, we we’ve uncovered with the aid of instruments which extend our limited senses – including we now know that we exist within this wave-particle duality at the sub-atomic level.

It’s an interesting life-metaphor and, of course, we need no realities for a healthy life, though, most of the time, we can’t see how we are both particle and wave people

Sometimes we’re at rest, very much in one place; other times we are in many places at the same time.

We can physically be somewhere else, but thinking of home.  Or at home thinking of somewhere else.  Then we can we thinking of somewhere else and connecting with what happened there once upon a time, in some art or science or thinking or movement of people.

Our discovery has been that time is relative.  We can make great journeys of imagining or remembering and return younger than we ought to be.  It could possibly be that these imagining and dreaming journeys make us younger at heart than those who avoid them.

There’s another time-bending effect that occurs when we’re pursuing the things we love.  We speed time up – able to act faster and whisper more softly; these wave-effects presenting the particle-possibilities of ‘transformation, friendship, or love’.**

(*From Alan Lightman’s The Accidental Universe.)
(**From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)


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