when do we ever have time?


“As acceleration accelerates, individuals, societies, economics, and even the environment, approach meltdown. … [T]he notion of ‘continuous improvement; is conceptually incoherent”.*

‘Science has vastly expanded the scale of our cosmos but our emotional reality is still limited by what we can touch with our bodies in the time span of our lives. … We admire principles and laws.  We embrace reasons and causes – some of the time.  At other times we value spontaneity, unpredictability, unlimited and unconstrained behaviour, complete personal freedom’**

We’re still trying to bring the energies of the universe and the energies coursing through our lives together.

We try to mirror the laws of the universe in our educational, political, and business worlds.  But our expanding domain of knowledge, our rapidly altering cultures and societies, and our morphing industries and workplaces are hurtling us towards a future we do not want nor can we control: there are predictable outcomes and crazy positive and negative spontaneities all mixed up together.

We promise ourselves to have a good, hard, long look at all of this, but when do we ever have the time?

The future is not a given.  It is something we are capable of shaping with foresight, intention, and love.  When we find the time to lift our eyes we’ll be able to search the horizon and dream of things which do not yet exist.  This capability has been there all the time.

When do we ever have the time?  All the time.

‘The gifted artist obtain the vitality of [her] gift within the world, and therefore makes it available to others.’^

(*Firstly Mark Taylor and secondly Stefan Collini, quoted in Maggie Berg and Barbara Seeber’s The Slow Professor.)
(**From Alan Lightman’s The Accidental Universe.)
(^From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift; and we are all capable of being gifted artists.)

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