today is day one


Those who come to the morning with alacrity awaken the day.

‘The word hashkem (“persistently”) has a sunrise in it.’*

‘Imagining possible futures is also where we must face both our deepest fears and greatest hopes.’**

It is the domesticated who come to the new day only expecting a repeat of yesterday.  There is a wildness, though,  to those who come with alacrity and expectancy.  Though the day is familiar in many ways to those preceding it, they live knowing something new will happen today.

And they are open.

Open in their looking and thinking, open in their feeling, open in their willingness to act.  Through practice, they have come to know that the future is more about being their best self than finding the best door:

‘It’s better to go through the wrong door with your best self than the best door with your wrong self.’^

While some are still waiting for the perfect opening, others develop their self every day, knowing that they don’t need a best door to move forward.

Their openness may sound like aimlessness, but the untamed eye, heart – knowing that who they are is more important than what they do – make new openings happen:

‘”A very original man must shape his life, make a schedule that allows him to reflect, and study, and create.”^^

“It’s still Day One.”*^

This is the world I love, not as some expert or teacher, but as an explorer with others.

(*From Eugene Peterson’s Run with the Horses.)
(**From Alex MacManus’s Makers of Fire – eBook version.)
(^John Ortberg’s All the Places to Go.)
(^^Gary Wills, quoted in Eugene Peterson’s Run With the Horses.)
(*^Jeff Bezos, quoted in Linda Rottenberger’s Crazy is a Compliment.)


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