the undertakers

5 in the beginning

‘Today’s ubiquitous web-based connections and social media support this longing for a personal identity that transcends the individual, the tribe, the nation, and religion.  A sense of self that includes “friends” from all around the world is emerging, a Social Self.’*

When I began my working life an undertaker was the name given to the person who undertook all the funeral arrangements on behalf of another.  Now, undertakers are funeral directors.

The French version of “to undertake” throws out another role, that of entrepreneur – now flourishing in many forms and expressions: micro entrepreneurs, copreneurs, intrapreneurs, mumpreneurs.  A very popular word.

The universe is open for beginnings.

In a world in which many more of us are getting the opportunity to explore and begin new things, it’s no wonder some are describing this period in history as a second Renaissance.

Edgar Schein uses the term status equilibrium when he imagines someone helping another: two people finding  themselves in the kind of relationship that progresses something. Disequilibrium, or lack of creative balance, is when I think you have all the answers, or when you’re not listening to me and think you have all the answers – and maybe you have, but their answers to someone else’s problem,

But what if the universe’s prime relationship is friendship?  What if we get to undertake something new together.

Work by Tom Rath on friendship came up with different types or styles of friendship.  Friends can be companions, connectors, energisers, and champions for us, but they can also be mind-openers, collaborators, builders, and navigators.**

Friendship maybe the most creative environment for making things begin.

(*From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire – eBook version.)
(**See Tom Rath’s Vital Friends.)


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