to keep moving

25 trust yourself

Can be hard at times.

Once you were not ready, but now you are.  You stopped waiting for someone to notice you and picked yourself.   You gave yourself permission.

Now you have to keep moving.  Today.  Tomorrow.  And the day after tomorrow.

You hold onto my discontent.  This is what caused you to stop and notice something that really matters to you – you do it  ‘because the world needs me to do it.’*

The discontent has become a doorway to move through.  Others misunderstand when you don’t want to do what everyone else is doing – “personal enthusiasms” they say, but there is a reason you must do what you do.

‘The toll of making change is that you will be changed.’**

You are becoming what you must do, and what you must do emerges from who you are becoming.  Something is happening, something is working: today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.

“Trust the process; don’t try to recreate what you’re doing normally.  The goal is to get something new and fresh.”^

So take another step, get something out there for others to react to, and we keep moving.

(*From Frank Laubach’s Letters by a Modern Mystic.)
(**From Seth Godin’s Graceful.)
(^James DeJulio, quoted in Peter 
Diamonds and Steven Kotler’s Bold.  DeJulio is describing crowdsourcing, but he could be describing the things that happen in the journey  that takes us from the self to others.)
(Doodle: William Kamkwamba was fourteen when he built his first windmill from scrap and a library book.  He went on to build a larger windmill for irrigation.)

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