then let us strive

22 imagine

It’s not about whether we have to strive or not strive in life.

Beyond, “Is this far enough?” and “Can I take it easy now?”, we wonder “How far can I go?” and “Is there more?”

It’s not long before we’re asking, “What, then, are we capable of?”

It’s about what we strive for.

‘This is completion at its best, reminding us that the word compete comes from the Latin competere, meaning striving together.’*

We are helpers of one another towards this, the relationship between being an individual and yet undivided so critical:

‘Somebody said that what the world needs is not more geniuses but more genius makers, people who enhance and don’t diminish the gifts of those around them.’**

Each day we reconnect inwardly to our source, and refocusing outwardly for what lies ahead.  In Olympic parlance, every day provides us with opportunities to post personal bests, and although sometimes this unravels badly, as it did for diver Tom Daley, there’ll always be the possibility of better to come.

(*From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.)
(**From John Ortberg’s All the Places.)

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