19 bountiful

‘[T]he mind is made of fragments, and yet these fragments are bound into being – our mystery persists.’*

I’ve been playing with the word “bountiful” today, and I think I like it very much.

Perhaps bountiful is first of all a way of seeing and understanding.

I find myself wondering where a word like “bountiful” comes from.  Are we the optimistic ape?

Virginia Woolf explored the idea of self within the whirl of thoughts our lives are.  For her the self is the ‘subject for our sensation,’ the ‘perceiver of our perception.’*

(Steve Peters frames this in his book on personal development as the Chimp and the Human, Daniel Kahneman as System One and System Two thinking, and, Chip and Dan Heath as the Elephant and Rider.**)

I wonder whether what we think of as the self, is the embedding of energy: our energy – our responses and initiating through curiosities and experimenting:

‘The key word here is energy.  All life is energy; without energy there is no life.  Passion is the power of positive energy.’^

I found myself questioning: “Am I becoming more “me” the more I play with energy?”  Across our lifetimes, and even within the same moment, we can feel ourselves to be different people, but in our moments of playfulness with energy are we becoming our “eponymous me”?

When I imagine something that doesn’t yet exist, and I move to see if it might, change is ahead: ‘The self invents itself.’*

It’s bountiful.

(*From Jonah Lehrer’s Proust was a Neuroscientist.)
(**See Steve Peters’s The Chimp Paradox, Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow, and Chip and Dan Heath’s Switch.  These three sources don’t necessarily sit tidily with each other.)
(^From Ken Robinson’s Finding Your Element.)


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