happiness can

13 happiness

‘The belief that unhappiness is selfless and happiness is selfish is misguided.  It takes energy, generosity, and discipline … .’*

Happiness is hard work and hard work can produce happiness.  Somehow, this game is built into the universe, and we’re still learning how to play.

Ever felt guilty for being happy when others are not, or have felt your happiness is unsustainable and has to evaporate, you’re not alone.  It is the ‘universal human instinct and seen in nearly all cultures – the dread of invoking cosmic anger by calling attention to good fortune.’*

But what if the universe is set up for engaging in the kind of happiness that can make a difference for others – we do something, we act, we serve?

What we’ll be discovering is how happiness is tied up with skills and talents, with passions and values and experiences, with character and connectedness.

(*From Gretchen Ruben’s The Happiness Project.)


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