the future is a journey

11 the future is not

“PERSIST.  PERSIST in telling your story.  PERSIST in reaching your audience.  PERSIST in staying true to your vision … .”

‘There is only one way to assess a vision: what is attained relative to what might be attained without the vision.’**

“Have patience with everything§ unresolved in your heart … .”^

The future is a journey we make.

It is not something we imagine.

We each are made for something more: lives shaping the future for others through quests for honour, nobility, and enlightenment.

We can give up, though, because we never seem to arrive.  But our future is never the destination we think it is.  Just by moving, any possible future changes – and we have to move for it to be a journey.  Every step changes the whatever possibilities we think of as being the future.   What may surprise us, when we look back along the way we’ve been walking, is just how much stuff we’ve done.

(*Pixar animator Austin Madison, quoted in Ed Catmull’s Creativity, Inc..)
(**From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.)
(^Rainer Maria Rilke, quoted in the Northumbria Community‘s Morning Prayer.)


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