31 we are guides

Life has a habit of getting stuck.  Cultures, organisations, and individuals can all find themselves in a rut.

With the right kind of help, these places can become some of the most hopeful places.

It can be that we only need to share our story with someone who is really listening – the best listeners will ask us questions to clarify things along the way.  Simply listening to ourselves speaking our circumstances out loud can help us become unstuck.

We may need, though, to be asked the kind of questions that dig deeper into some of the things we’re describing – these are questions we hadn’t thought of asking.

Beyond questions about some details in our stuckness, further help comes from the person who carefronts us with possible scenarios and situations in the future – stuckness can produce the symptom of being unaware of the future.

A fourth way of being helped is to focus on what is happening in this conversation – how there is a dynamic at work that is already moving thoughts on and even feelings.

I’ve shared this in terms of conversations, but there could be drawing and even theatre involved.

We have each other so we don’t have to stay stuck.

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