fake questions

12 our questions change the story

What does it mean to you to be human?

There are as many answers to this question as there are humans.  It’s a real question, and our answers will show just how fond, or not, we are of facing searching questions.

If it were a fake question, it would be telling you how you ought to be human.  It’s only asking for your best imagination and hope – fake questions offer advice in the form of a question.

Another kind of of fake question is the switched kind, like, Who has most inspired you? or, to switch the switch, Who would you not want to be like? – they are  less-demanding than the answers to the real questions.

Fake questions allow us to absence ourselves from the deep work, covering up the real issues even more – closing down minds, hearts, and wills.

Real questions help us to get to the source, not to a symptom – being deeper than we imagine, they make it possible to journey closer to knowing what we are capable of – whatever that might be.

‘When people start talking to you about the challenge at hand, what’s essential to remember is what they’re laying out for you is rarely the actual problem.’*

‘People don’t need new facts – they need a new story.’**

(*From Michael Bungay Stanier’s The Coaching Habit.)
(**From Blake Mycoskie’s Start Something That Matters.)


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