gently does it

4 when we are gentle

None of us can take pride when others get it wrong; we all make mistakes.

We wished we didn’t.

We need is a way to recover; we require a gentle way back. Perhaps gentleness is the way.

Life is fragile; handle with care.

There’s no point in comparing ourselves to someone else.  It doesn’t help us become our future Self.

Gentleness isn’t about “anything goes.”  Gentleness has powerful substance in that it is humble, grateful, and faithful.  Or, in other words, gentleness arises out of deeply knowing who we are – warts and all; it carries a deep gladness for being able to begin again; and, displays a deep willingness to pass gentleness on to others.

The gentle person refuses to judge, instead remaining open for as long as possible – they are grateful for not being judged by others.

If a Tunisian municipal officer slapping a market vendor can ignite a series of actions and events that lead to the Arab Spring, what can gentleness instigate?*

The question is, how can gentleness become a force of nature in a random world when it comes from within: deep calling to deep?

Gently does it. The challenge to be gentle is one we face each day.

Be gentle to yourself, don’t judge too quickly that this is who you are; be open to who you can become.  Then share with others, gently freeing their hopes and dreams, as well as their talents and experiences.

(*The story of the opening movement of the Arab Spring are played out by Frans Johansson in The Click Moment.  Johansson identifies three different complex forces: unintended consequences, a cascade, and, the self-reinforcing loop, of which the Aran Spring is a cascade.)



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